Free Supportive Listening Resource: Eugene Listens

I thought I would share this resource with all of you. In these challenging times, many of us can feel lonely, isolated, or unsupported. Even if we have people in our lives to talk to, often these communications can have complex dynamics, that can make it hard to feel safe to share and know that we will truly be heard. At times just reaching out to a kind person who is trained to reflectively listen can help us feel connected and not alone, as well as help us feel heard and able to express what we’ve been carrying inside, and clarify our own truth (wisdom/needs).
Feel free to try this resource and share it with others you know who may benefit.
Eugene Listens [  ]

Is this a time in your life when you wish you could talk with someone who can just listen? Loneliness, insecurity, and grief are natural human responses to our current times, and not everyone has someone to whom they can reach out.

Eugene Listens is a free service offering support by phone. We provide an accepting and caring space for anyone in need, regardless of their gender, racial, sexual, spiritual, and ethnic identities.

Calls with Eugene Listens are up to 45 minutes long. Our volunteers are trained in active listening, and receive ongoing support to improve our quality of service.

If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of this free service, request an appointment through this website. See our policies page for other important information.

Please Note: This is not a crisis hotline. Our Listeners are not mental health professionals. If you feel you are in crisis you should contact the White Bird crisis hotline at: 541-687-4000