Couples Therapy


Would you like more INTIMACY, PASSION, and JOY in your relationship?

Do you and your partner need help communicating, understanding each other, and finding ways to balance your needs?

Do you want to heal breaches of trust or past wounds?

Do you need to make some tough decisions or have some challenging conversations, and would benefit from a neutral facilitator?

I will support each of you to:

  • Increase your ability to identify your own needs and wants, express them to your partner, and to enjoy receiving support, as well as tolerate your partner’s authentic boundaries (while supporting yourself), and to set your own healthy boundaries
  • Increase your intimacy and passion through eye contact, breath work and body awareness/movement (working with the energy of the body to create safety and connection, or build and enjoy a higher charge)
  • Increase your comfort with sex and sexuality, your own body and your partner’s, and enhance your ability to stay present and feel connected
  • Enjoy the authentic and exciting connection points with your partner that come from feeling free to be true to yourself, and express honestly your “yes” and your “no”
  • Explore your growth edge of sharing vulnerability with your partner and maintaining connection through the range of emotions
  • Listen to your body’s signals and your emotions, and honor and care for them first (breaking patterns of taking unhealthy responsibility for others’ emotions and reactions)
  • Learn skills to help your partner feel seen, heard, and understood, and to offer company and support (rather than trying to “fix” or change how they feel)
  • Learn to fight/disagree cleanly, express yourself clearly (through owning your experience, triggers, needs etc.) and how to repair
  • Explore letting go, trust, and feeling deeply loved, known, and supported

My approach adds on to traditional talk therapy, and incorporates the body, breath, movement, and right-brain awareness (symbolic, creative, intuitive visualization and inner body awareness) to create change that you can feel. We will always go at your pace, and any touch experiments between partners done in session will be non-sexual in nature.

I also have experience working with family member pairs, or other close relationship pairs who may not be in an intimate partnership.

I offer a sex-positive, open-minded, non-judgmental perspective, am educated and literate in LGBTQI terminology and issues, and have experience supporting a diverse range of clients who engage in a range of relationship styles (including monogamous,  open, polyamorous, intimate friendships etc.).

My approach to couples’ therapy draws on Crucible® Therapy developed by Dr. David Schnarch, as well as Integrative Body Psychotherapy developed by Jack Rosenberg & Beverly Kitaen-Morse.