Embodied Change You Can Feel..(Instead of Just Think About!)

Is there a change you’re wanting to make in your life?

Is there a pattern you keep repeating in relationships that you want to let go of?

Would you like to feel happy in your own skin?

Is your past affecting your present in debilitating ways you would like to shift?


Shining compassionate light on your experience is the first step to bringing healing and change. Once we shine this light, transformation is already in progress.

Allow me to facilitate your process through bringing light, warmth, and non-judgment, along with an eclectic mix of therapeutic tools to all the parts of you and your experience- the challenging and supportive, each so deserving of attention.

I practice a body integrated approach (“soma” refers to the body) to psychotherapy, offering embodied change you can feel (instead of just think about).

I am transitioning my practice to support mental health and wellness through creating a supportive home environment with my clients. Check out my services at: Healing Habitats

Addressing Your Environment Can Support Healing & Change with a Range of Issues Including:

SERVICES LOCATED AT: Virtual Telehealth sessions through Simple Practice (a secure online portal). In-home services available for decluttering, organizing, and Holistic Feng Shui.

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